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Do you feel a little sluggish after lunch or in the early afternoon? Then you're in good company – and it has nothing to do with your age. Most people feel the dreaded energy slump at some point of the day that caffeine doesn't seem to fix. 

Here are three ways you can keep your energy levels up, no matter your age or fitness level. 

It's important to drink enough water every day.It's important to drink enough water every day.

1. Stay hydrated

It is a mantra as old as time: drink lots of water. Health coach Katie Chasey suggests it's best to drink cold water first thing in the morning to jump-start your body's energy upon rising. 

Make it a habit to drink at least two litres of water per day and you can expect your energy levels to remain more constant throughout the day. An important note here is that tea, coffee or any other drink that contains water doesn't count towards your H2O consumption of the day according to the health coach.

On days where you are particularly active and sweat more than usual, Chasey also emphasises that you should increase the amount of water you drink. To make this as easy as possible, you should keep a bottle of water close by at all times. This will remind you to drink water and help you to reap the benefits of good hydration – including more energy. 

2. Go for a walk

We all know that staying active is good for your overall health. But a new study by the University of Georgia has now shown that walking up and down stairs for 10 minutes is more effective at levelling up your energy than coffee. 

So while having an afternoon cup of black gold can give you a temporary kick, exercise is an even better choice. Professor Patrick J. O'Conner from the University of Georgia pointed out that even a short period of physical activity can help maintain energy levels throughout the day. 

"You may not have time to go for a swim, but you might have 10 minutes to walk up and down the stairs," he said. 

If you want to make sure you benefit from all the positive effects of walking, you might want to go for a longer stroll around the block to get your blood flowing and muscles moving. 

Eat foods that are rich in magnesium to balance your energy levels. Eat foods that are rich in magnesium to balance your energy levels.

3. Eat more magnesium-rich food

Staying physically active and drinking enough water isn't the only way to boost your energy levels. A well-balanced diet is just as important for your body. 

However, even those with a relatively healthy meal plan may find themselves struggling. This, according to nutritionist Samantha Heller, can be due to a slight magnesium deficiency. 

"This mineral is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including breaking down glucose into energy. So when levels are even a little low, energy can drop," she explained.

Furthermore, research by the Department of Agriculture's Human Nutrition Research Center in the U.S.  found that women with lower magnesium levels had to put in more effort for physical activities.

To avoid this lack of energy, it's important to have between 330-350 milligrams of magnesium per day as part of your meals. As such, it's recommended to eat more whole grains and bran-based cereal, fish like halibut and nuts such as almonds, cashews or hazelnuts. 

We all want to live our lives in a way that lets us enjoy the things we love. So, if you are struggling to keep your energy levels up all day and it's getting in the way of your favourite activities, try to implement these three tips into your routine. 

And for those who simply can't do it by themselves, get in touch with our team at Bannister In Home Care today to talk about how we can help.