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Living busy lives can be highly exhilarating. The hustle and bustle of going from one social engagement to another can ensure an active lifestyle well into our golden years. Yet, as we age, our loved ones might find activities which used to be part of their daily lives now takes a lot more energy. 

And while we want our senior family members to live happy and fulfilled lives, there comes a point when staying motivated to do the things they enjoy becomes difficult for them. Not to fret though, Jaidev Soin – an independent app developer based in Melbourne – has designed an app called Balanced which helps you and your loved on stay focused on the things that bring joy to your life. 

Helping you stay motivated

Balanced aims to encourage a better life balance through goals and habits, somewhat like a digital to-do list. It's designed to motivate you and your loved ones to make time for social events with friends, going to the theatre or doing yoga – whatever brings joy to your senior family member. 

The app, which sends regular reminders of the tasks you or your loved one has set, uses positive reinforcement to make the user feel rewarded if they have completed an activity or task they put as a priority. What's more, the app is free to download and easy to use, with in-app upgrades available for as little as $3.99. 

Positivity for a balanced life

The app can be an engaging addition to personal in home care.

Rather than emphasise feelings of guilt when you don't do a certain task once though, Balanced simply encourages your loved one to do what they enjoy more regularly. 

"I want people never to forget what's special to them. For each of us, what we find special is unique, and it's part of what defines our identity. Balanced helps you remember what those special things are, and motivates you to keep doing them," Jaidey Soin said.

In terms of compatibility with your own family needs, the app can be an engaging addition to personal in home care. Whether you're the sole carer for your senior family member or have a professional personal care plan, the extra motivation Balanced offers can lend a helping hand. Particularly those seniors who relish their independence and only want minimal help from a carer – such as meal preparation – can benefit from the flexibility of having a digital reminder of the activities they want to do.

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