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As we age, it might no longer be possible to fit as many different activities into a single day as we're used to. This lifestyle change doesn't need to take a negative turn though. Instead, it can help set the foundation for many golden years ahead. 

One of the most important aspects of a happy life is to stay engaged, both physically and mentally. For seniors living outside of an assisted living facility, maintaining a balanced and active social life is especially critical.

Let's talk about the tangible effects of keeping a busy social calendar on your overall health. 

Are you keeping your brain active?Are you keeping your brain active?

The correlation of interaction and brain power

Nancy Donovan, geriatric psychiatrist at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, suggests loneliness in older adults dramatically increases not only the chances of physical limitations, but also affects memory and mental capacity. 

Having a strong network of social contacts provides individuals with intellectual stimulation, which can not only reduce stress but decrease the risk of depression, dementia and other age-related problems. 

In the "Mental Exercising Through Simple Socializing: Social Interaction Promotes General Cognitive Functioning' study on how social contact improves our brain function, researchers claimed that "the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease was lower for people who were described […] as socially active than those described as socially inactive […]. A recent study has also shown that the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease was higher for people reporting feeling lonely."

Research suggests that the act of social interaction requires a whole range of cognitive behaviours, including memory, attention and control. This, according to the scientists, stimulates the brain so much, that it's less likely to deplete in functionality.

Spend time with others to remain healthy and happy.Spend time with others to remain healthy and happy.

Conclusion: Spend more time with others

The facts clearly highlight the importance of having an active social network. Whether it is having weekly book club meetings or going for a walk with grandchildren, the act of conversing with others can set seniors up for a fulfilled life. 

Now, we know that it's not always easy to entertain a social lifestyle as frailty and decreased mobility affect you or your loved ones. This is where our in home care services come in.

At Bannister, we pride ourselves in valuing the positive effect companionship has on our lives. So, to help you stay engaged and keep your brain working well, we provide tailor-made assistance to elderly individuals. Whether you want someone to come visit regularly, drive you to special outings, or simply help prepare for a family gathering, Bannister's care specialists are a great help. 

For more information on what we offer and how you and your loved one can maintain an engaging life, give us a call today.