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In home care in Sydney has revolutionised the way seniors live their golden years. No longer do families need to make the tough decision to remove Mum and Dad from the home they've lived in most their adult life when their health starts to deteriorate. In home care packages support seniors so they can stay in those homes longer than ever before. 

However, what were once comforts of home might now be considered a danger to ageing bodies. Here are some interior design tips that will make living at home just a little bit safer for your loved ones.

Good interior design perfectly compliments your loved one's in home care package in Sydney.Can you spot anything that might need to change in this home layout? 

Upgrade flooring 

Let's begin our in home care interior design from the bottom and work up. Ageing bodies are more prone to tripping – things like stiff joints can make it harder to move and reflexes are a bit slower than they used to be. 

If Mum or Dad should take a tumble, hardwood floors or tiles will be an unforgiving landing material. Carpeting, however, isn't always the solution either, as longer fibres or up-turned edges pose a tripping risk. Rather, the best flooring will be made from a softer material like cork or linoleum. These are also kinder on the joints as you walk around.

Make the home smarter

Give your loved ones as much help as possible with smart home gadgets. Technology can help seniors stay on top of home maintenance – everything from robotic vacuum cleaners to take care of the chores to apps that can control the house temperature, or even help seniors balance their goals and habits on a digital to-do list.  

Warmer tones have the subconscious ability to inject a bit of energy into occupants.

Consider a new colour scheme

Colour can actually play a big part in creating a comfortable environment for seniors. There are two main categories of colour psychology: warm and cool. Warmer tones have the subconscious ability to inject a bit of energy into occupants, whereas cooler shades tend to have a more calming affect.

With that psychology in mind, consider a scheme with those cooler colours in bedroom areas or places of relaxation, and warmer colours in active areas like the family room.

Reorganise cupboards and closets

Now it's time to finish your aged care interior designing with some reorganisation of storage. Make sure cupboard occupants are easy to access with the most used items at the front and at eye sight so seniors don't have to reach too high, get on stools or even crouch to low to get what they need. Nothing of high importance should be hard to find or grab, so ensure drawers aren't too heavy and cabinets don't stick when trying to open them.  

It's the little things that matter when it comes to in home care interior design! For more information on aged care in Sydney and how you can help your loved ones live comfortably in their own home, contact the team here at Bannister In Home Care today.