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Home Care Package Rates – Updated November 2017


The following information should be used as a guide – we are always open to discuss your individual circumstances and aim to be flexible wherever possible.

Our ordinary hourly rates can be found at the bottom of this page – however, they alone might not help you to understand what you will receive through your funded home care package.

There are 2 significant factors which will determine how many hours of care you can expect to receive:

  • The level of package the Aged Care Assessment Team determined you are eligible for.
  • The contribution that Centrelink determined you must make toward you package budget, based on you assets and income (between $0 and $200 per week).

Without knowing your exact circumstances, here is a guide to what you can expect – should you elect to spend your package budget with Bannister In Home Care:

Package levelApproximate Weekly SubsidyApproximate Weekly Hours of Care
Level 1$156.00(2 – 3 Hours)
Level 2$284.00(5 – 6 Hours)
Level 3$625.00(9 – 12 Hours)
Level 4$951.00(15 – 20 Hours)

Other costs which may be factored in to your care:

  • Administration: (between 5% -15%)

Explained: Part of our obligation to help you access your package funds involves providing you and the department of Health with a budget of funds and expenditure, which incurs an administrative charge. This charge also goes towards our payroll management and various overheads involved in running a home care business. Depending on the nature of your requirements this will vary.

  • Case Management: between (0% – 15%)

Explained: Many clients that wish to remain independent at home require a great deal of coordination between our managers, care staff, family and specialist services. We don’t assume that there will be a great deal of management involved in coordinating services and we are transparent regarding why we apply these charges when we do.

  • Home Mods/Other expenses: (???%)

Explained: One great thing about home care packages is that they allow for you to pay for things like home modifications or technological devices that help to meet your goals as a home care package client. You must accumulate funds over time to afford these costs so we work out a practical % to withhold on a case by case basis – this will only ever be a short term charge.

  • Exit Fee: (Max $150)

Explained: Should you need to transfer you package away from us at any stage, there will always be a few hours work in reconciling budgets and potentially transferring unspent funds. To make sure we reflect the cost of taking these steps we reserve the right to charge $150 if necessary to ensure that you move seamlessly from our service to your next stage.

BIHC Hourly schedule of fees

Day8am – 6pm$54.00
Evening6pm – 10pm$57.00
Night Shift10pm – 8am$60.00
Day Saturday8am – 6pm$62.00
Evening Saturday6pm -10pm$68.00
Night Saturday10pm – 8am$72.00
Day Sunday8am – 6pm$72.00
Evening Sunday6pm -10pm$78.00
Night Sunday10pm – 6am$82.00
Day Public Holiday8am – 6pm$93.00
Evening Public Holiday6pm -10pm$96.00
Night Public Holiday10pm – 6am$101.00

Inactive Sleepover rates

Sleepover10hrs negotiated time$260.00
Saturday Sleepover10hrs negotiated time$340.00
Sunday/PH Sleepover10hrs negotiated time$345.00



Note: In service KM’s incur a $1.00/KM charge.


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